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John Egbert x Reader

You were on your way somewhere with John. 'Oh John', you thought, 'WHY DON'T YOU TAKE THE HINTS?!' you screamed at him in your mind. You see, this boy is about as oblivious as a potato. You've been hanging out with the raven haired nerd all week and NOTHING! You sighed and he looked at you. "Something wrong (Y/N)?" he asked with concern lacing in his voice and on his facial expression. You chuckled halfheartedly and shook your head. "I'm fine John. Really" you said reassuringly. "Ok.... If you say so" he said a bit hesitant.

Suddenly, John reached his hand out and clasped yours. You blushed heavily and looked up at him. He had a bright blush himself as he smiled goofily at you. You smiled back shyly and entwined your fingers with his. After a while of comfortable silence, you both arrived to your destination. The annual fair. Since it was only once a year and apparently John never went, you took him with you.

John watched as your eyes lit up and you looked at him excitedly. "Well? What are we waiting for?" you asked in a happy tone and dragged him in. You both looked around and you directed your attention to him. "Since it's your first time here, where do you want to go?" you asked. He looked around until his eyes landed on a certain game. He smiled and pointed to the ball throw. "Lets go play that!" he said and dragged you over there. Once you got there, the lady running the game smiled. "3 balls for $1" she said kindly. You went to reach in your pocket to get $2 (for both you and John) but John had stopped you and set the money on the counter. The woman, (whose name was apparently 'Marie' according to her name tag), took the money and placed 6 baseballs on the table. She stepped out of the way and smiled lightly.

You looked at the prizes to determine which one you wanted, as John did the same, until your eyes landed on a soft blue bunny plush. You giggled and picked up a ball. "I'm getting that bunny!" you stated and John looked at you and chuckled. "I really want the green snail" he said and you mentally face palmed as he laughed. Careful not to hurt anyone while you threw it, you positioned your hand and threw the ball skillfully. It didn't even go NEAR the bottles. This happened again with your last 2 balls. You sighed and pouted. "I really wanted the bunny" you mumbled. Since you wanted to save your money, you both agreed to only play a game ONCE.  You saw John look at the ball in his hand for a moment, as if assessing something, before tossing it and hitting the bottles perfectly. A flawless bulls eye. The lady smiled and picked up the bottles once more. "Choose your prize" she said softly and smiled kindly at John. He chuckled and faced you. "Turn around" he commanded. You tilted your head slightly but complied, facing away from the booth. After a few moments John tapped your shoulder lightly. "Ok, you can turn back" he said and you turned back around and blushed lightly. John was holding the little, blue bunny you had wanted. You took the plushy in your hands gently and smiled gratefully at him. "Oh John, that's so sweet. Thank you" you said honestly and leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. His face exploded pink and he smiled widely. "Y-You're welcome" he stuttered out.

You two went to a few more games and got some food to eat. The usual fair food. Cotton candy, corn dogs, and even some funnel cake. You were both walking around, hand in hand, your head on his shoulder. The bunny was securely in your bag. You both had about an hour before you had to leave and you knew exactly what you wanted to do. You tugged on his hand to get his attention. It seemed to work because he looked at you with a soft blush. "Lets go on the Ferris wheel" you ordered cutely. John chuckled and nodded. You two began walking over to the Ferris wheel, with grins tugging at both your faces. Once you both arrived, John gave the man in charge your tickets and you two were seated in no time. After a few moments, the ride began to move and you let out an excited giggle. You were looking at the fair as John had his eyes locked on you. The way the lights made your (S/T) skin glow, the wind making your (H/C) hair flutter ever so slightly. He let a small blush grace his features as the ride came to a stop, with you and John at the very top.

You sighed and looked at him with a smile. "I had fun today with you John" you said softly and hugged him tightly. He hugged back then pulled away slightly. You looked up at him confused until he leaned down quickly and kissed you. You were shocked for a moment before finally kissing back with a smile. After a few moments John pulled away, slightly out of breath. You smiled brightly and hugged him tightly. You sighed happily as he hugged you back. 'I guess you can take a hint Egbert' you thought in your head as the ride started moving again.

You two walked home, hand in hand, and were together ever since.


MY FIRST EVER READER INSERT ON HERE!!! ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!! Please do not steal! And feedback is very much welcomed and encouraged
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